Mr O’Driscoll is an eye surgeon whose specialist interests are Cataract Surgery and Retinal Surgery.
Anthony O’Driscoll
MB ChB, FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmic and Vitreoretinal Surgeon
Mr Anthony O’Driscoll  

Cataract Operations
  • Modern phakoemulsification with small, sutureless incision and injectable lens implant
  • Astigmatism reduced at the time of cataract surgery when appropriate
  • Shortsightedness (myopia) treated at the time of cataract surgery
  • Longsightedness (hypermetropia) treated at the time of cataract surgery

Retinal Laser Surgery

  • Retinal tears, holes and degenerations treated to prevent retinal detachment
  • Diabetic maculopathy and retinopathy treated to help preserve vision

Anterior Segment Laser Surgery

  • Nd:YAG Laser capsulotomy – to improve vision after some cataract operations
  • YAG Laser iridotomy – for some forms of glaucoma
  • Laser trabeculoplasty for glaucoma

Vitreous Surgery

  • Vitrectomy - removal of the vitreous gel to gain access to the back of the eye
  • Removal of severe floaters
  • Removal of intraocular blood (haemorrhage)

Retinal Surgery

  • Retinal detachment repair
  • Macular hole repair - for reduced vision and distortion
  • Epiretinal membrane peeling - for reduced vision and distortion
  • Diabetic eye damage - removal of retinal scar tissue to help restore vision
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